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Lyrics by Constantine ♠
All rights reserved
Genre – Rap/Hip-hop

Sample Spiel:

The wrong picture is on the wall,
remove that painting, as it doesn’t
reflect our reality…and you know that!

The wrong picture is on the wall
Your castle’s about to fall
cause your lies have gone too far
It doesn’t matter who you are
now is when you need to stop
your flip-flop, and mocking of what we do
when you know it’s not true.
Everyone’s in a state of shock
but the hands on the clock, tell
me you’re running out of time
soon everything will crumble like a shell,
so remove that picture from the wall
as you’re up to no good at all!

[Verse 1]
You talk about people hitting,
pushing , screaming
to get what they want
I don’t understand, who do you think you are?
As a child I learned to listen
to my father and mother
who taught me not to abuse power
Remember this is life, it isn’t a game
We have one single aim: “to do what’s best,”
but it’s always a battle
and maybe causes us to unravel
and sometimes lose our cool
You talk about what other people do
to get what they want, well
no one should ever need to yell
for folks to listen, that’s a matter
of respect, that no one should beg for!
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