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Genre – Rap/Hip-hop

Sample Spiel:

Remember when things were simple
And weekends were for relaxation and inspiration
Talking about the simple life!

[Verse 1]
I used to wake up and exhale
And never fail to give thanks to see another day
Needless to say, nothing was too complex
Going out in the morning making another flex
But where have things now gone
What use to be true is now wrong
My life has now entered a new phase
And I want to bring back those days
When everything wasn’t about malaise
So simplicity can still amaze
And inspire the people of a nation
No indignation and hard work
is rewarded with maximum compensation
But now some new recruits
Have crossed the limit
And ridicules and insults they’ve remit
Calling us fakes, when we’re 100% legit
If we weren’t sure, on the fence we’d sit
But when you disrespect us
What a heinous crime to commit
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