DIGNATIAN is a Canadian-based artist with a unique, contemporary style of music in Hip hop/Rap and Reggae. He emphasizes rhyme and rhythm and his music will certainly keep you locked in and moving to the groove.


(Officially Released October 2020)

DIGNATIAN’s newest Album “Mustard Seed” is now in stores! “Mustard Seed” is also the name of one of the songs on the album. The song explicitly describes an experience he had in producing and finalizing the album. It is a song about negative thoughts, perseverance, struggles and in the end hope. The album is a reflection of all of those states, but with its strong drum lines, bass and potent lyrics you will be entertained as much as you will be enthralled by the music and storylines!

Mustard Seed” is available on all online streaming services, so you have no excuse not to find it!

Happy Listening! 💯✨ Dignatian

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DIGNATIAN’S first release was “Maestro” on November 26, 2019.

DIGNATIAN’S lyrics are rooted in his upbringing and perspective on life, which emphasizes a desire for leadership and success in both music and life in general. His music has a strong dub-poetry undertone because of his very poetic style and passion for rhymes, which is a hallmark of the songs.

DIGNATIAN believes in pushing the limits of his talent and abilities. He is not afraid to try to exceed the limits that others impose on him, which is evident by his singing style and range, often pushing the boundaries of his vocal ability. His core belief is that nothing can be accomplished without a wholehearted and passionate attempt to bring it to fruition.