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Sing a beautiful song for me
Sing it well, sing it exquisitely
Your voice is divine,
And like fine wine, I take a sip
of every note from your lips…
to enjoy and savour…
What splendid words they confer
and what pure beauty to which
one’s mind and soul surrender
no matter the genre…lyrics galore,
expressed in marvellous splendour!

Amore. Amore!

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Not Getting Better

Lyrics by Constantine ♠ All rights reserved Genre – Pop/RnB [Verse 1] I know I’ve been a part of this mess It’s the truth, so I must confess We have created much less Than what we ever had in mind Now we can’t ignore the signs The lies, fights, all that’s gone wrong we can’t pretend our relationship’s …

Going too Far

Lyrics by Constantine ♠ All rights reserved Genre – Pop/RnB [Verse 1] You better dust off the dirt I don’t want to end up with another hurt If your love isn’t straight Understand, I would hate To be the one To tempt the hands of fate So tell me one more time Is this love what it’d seem? …

No Hero Again

Lyrics by Constantine ♠ All rights reserved Genre – RnB/Rap Intro: Everyone is searching for a hero. And sometimes that hero is even closer than you think. Just look into the mirror and you’ll find one there: [Chorus] I won’t go down a hero My respect will be low Very few people I know Will have a pleasant …


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