In the Hood

Lyrics by Constantine ♠
All rights reserved
Genre – Rap/Hip-hop

Sample Spiel:

[Intro Verse 1]
In the hood, my neighbourhood
Where people thought I would
become only a bum or hoodlum,
I knew to ignore the stereotyping
and kept trying to beat the odds
and keep improving,
Now I travel across the globe,
And with music I deliver hope
to people of all races and colour
So that they too can
make their hoods better!

[Verse 2]
I used to think about hip hop
Tried to rap but would always drop
Off the flow, but that didn’t stop
me from trying, each morning
as I listen to another beat,
tap my feet to sync with each bar,
move my body like a superstar,
and keep believing one day
I’d make it to the top of hip hop
10 years later I’ve paid my dues
another album release with rave reviews
It may even go platinum…I’ve made a few
Now I make my return to the hood
Retracing my steps to the good
times, and the place where I stood
to formulate my first rhymes
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