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Lyrics by Constantine ♠
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Genre – Rap/Hip-hop

Sample Spiel:

So you want to get back
Another chance to start anew
But I know you
Let’s move on, instead of us
It becomes me and you

Just give me one last chance
Just give me one last chance

[Verse 1]
It has been awhile
and I’m no longer a child
Nor wild, now too sly
To be pushed around
Yes, I am all grown
up, and now I may wear a frown
I know, you may not like how this sound
Just a product of the
new confidence I’ve found
So you have a choice,
Leave or stay and hear my voice
now you should think twice
About giving up without
a moment’s glance
Last time, you turned your back
Though you had the chance
To bring everything on track
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