Can’t Stop Being Me

Lyrics by Constantine ♠
All rights reserved
Genre – Jazz/RnB

Sample Spiel: 

Everyone has some form of vision
of where they want to be or
what they want to achieve
and to get there, all they need is belief
in being themselves more than anything else…

[Verse 1]
I am like everyone else
Yet I want to be different
can’t you see…
One day to live my passion
Be the person everyone else
Would like to be, like in a movie
Wanna see my name in the spotlight
A vision that keeps me up at night
Seems like a crazy idea, but to me
As realistic as the air I breathe
But that which I cannot see
Something’s always there
To push me on when I want
to throw my hands in the air
But that’s not me and it’s
So plain to see
I can be no one else
I am just being me
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