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Your Perfect Advice
Written and performed by Constantine
All rights reserved
(c) 2019 IKPS Production

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Sing a beautiful song for me
Sing it well, sing it exquisitely
Your voice is divine,
And like fine wine, I take a sip
of every note from your lips…
to enjoy and savour…
What splendid words they confer
and what pure beauty to which
one’s mind and soul surrender
no matter the genre…lyrics galore,
expressed in marvellous splendour!

Amore. Amore!

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The Wrong Picture

Lyrics by Constantine ♠ All rights reserved Genre – Rap/Hip-hop Sample Spiel: [Intro] The wrong picture is on the wall, remove that painting, as it doesn’t reflect our reality…and you know that! [Chorus] The wrong picture is on the wall Your castle’s about to fall cause your lies have gone too far It doesn’t matter who you are …

In the Hood

Lyrics by Constantine ♠ All rights reserved Genre – Rap/Hip-hop Sample Spiel: [Intro Verse 1] In the hood, my neighbourhood Where people thought I would become only a bum or hoodlum, I knew to ignore the stereotyping and kept trying to beat the odds and keep improving, Now I travel across the globe, And with music I deliver …

Hold on to the Years

Lyrics by Constantine ♠ All rights reserved Genre – Rap/Hip-hop Sample Spiel: [Chorus] Hold on to the years never let them go But everything else you know [you hold] let go and don’t stow for them to grow [Verse 1] You have a dream I’m sure and you continue to bargain for more as you keep reaching to …


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Constantine is a Canadian poet, songwriter, rapper, producer, entrepreneur, and modern day philosopher. He is always interested in collaborating and taking on new and interesting projects. You can reach him at constantine@lyricsbuffet.com if you have ideas you want to transform into a tangible product or simply wish to draw on his knowledge and expertise.